We provide full access to all the data available here in the portal. The two main methods to access it are:

  • Bulk: download complete CSV files (~12m rows)
  • Coming soon: individual slices of the data pre-computed!
  • API: via an API that allows you to slice and dice the data and integrate easily with your own applications
  • Format: CSV and JSON
  • Interested in an SLA? Please contact us contact us

Bulk Data


There are three different groups of API endpoints for getting data:

  • Count API: the main data in the portal available via two main API endpoints:
  • count: full access to the count data at the lowest level of granularity
  • count_by_country: data aggregated to the country level
  • Reference Data API: access to the reference data we use e.g. countries, risks and AS
  • Rankings API - Responds with list of countries with corresponding ranks for given risk and time period


We are limiting number of results requested from API. We are doing this in order to avoid possible timeoute errors, as requested data in some cases may easily exceed several milion rows. To get the full data you have two aptions:

  • Download the full aggregated data (see above) and slice and dice on your own.
  • Change page attribute of query string and get next 50000 results. API will respond with empty list of results if page exceeds total number of pages.

You can find full documentation of the API below and try out the API using the interactive interface.